View Full Version : Processing C41 in our SP-445 film tank.

11-Dec-2016, 22:51
I finally found the time to processes the Ektar 100 that I shot this fall. I'm not a big C41 fan but I'm happy with these.

158598 158599

Larger files on flickr:


12-Dec-2016, 12:41
I like my SP-445 very much. Initially thought I had a leaking problem with C-41 processing until I realized I was tapping the tank a little too hard after inversions and defeating the reverse pressure seal of the o-ring. Since then, it's virtually leakproof. Good job, TIm. :)

2-Jan-2017, 13:12
Looks like a neat little system for 4x5. I've been looking at it but just haven't decided yet. The C41 looks good.