View Full Version : Lens cap selection for nikkor LF lenses,

7-Dec-2016, 10:21
I've been looking at Kenneth Lee's http://www.kennethleegallery.com/pdf/Nikkor_LargeFormatLenses.pdf

It notes the 150mm F5.6 uses a 54mm front mount with 52mm attachment.

I should be looking for lens caps in the 54mm size right?

7-Dec-2016, 10:25
Likely that is 54mm for the size of the original slipover lenscap.

If you are looking at modern pinchcaps they are in the size of the filter attachment, in this case thus 52mm.

7-Dec-2016, 11:31
Thank you!

Drew Bedo
9-Dec-2016, 06:14
I standardized on 67mm filters and got step-up rings to make that adjustment for my most used lenses; 90mm-150mm and 210mm.

Snap-on Lens caps fit them all on the front, but kept the OEM slip over caps that came with each lens.

I have filters for B&W in that size and +diopters.

Just trying to simplify the what-goes-where aspect of putting it all away after shooting.