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austin granger
6-Dec-2016, 18:46
Dear large format brethren and sistren,

A few months ago, fellow forum member and friend Paul Cunningham approached me with the idea of making platinum prints of some of my Point Reyes photographs. It was an intriguing proposal. For some time now, for reasons unnecessary to go into here, I've photographed at such a pace that I've neglected printing my photographs. This weighs on me a little. What if I am struck by a bus? Will the majority of my pictures be then consigned to drift solely in the ether of the internet, like incorporeal ghosts? While I find it rewarding to share my work on the internet, in the end, I'd also like to leave some more tangible, physical objects. Paul dropping from the sky and offering to make some of these objects seemed fortuitous indeed. In addition, I was interested to see how my pictures would translate into platinum. It is a process that has long fascinated me.

So I gathered a few digital files and some of my own proof prints and met with Paul at his home. After studying my proofs, and talking about the images, Paul then proceeded to create an enlarged negative from one of my files, and demonstrated the platinum process step by step. Wow! Even the initial test print knocked me out. It possessed a beautiful tonality and depth, and had, I thought, a certain timeless feel that was very appealing. Frankly, in many ways, I felt it surpassed my proof. This was very exciting! After running more tests, Paul and I decided to go forward with making more of these prints, and over the course of some weeks, and many more back and forth discussions and visits, a small body of prints was created.

I am happy to announce to announce that the fruits of this collaboration are now available.

In the end, platinum prints from fourteen different images were selected. All of the images are drawn from my book, "Elegy from the Edge of a Continent: Photographing Point Reyes."

Each print is individually made on fine art 100% pure cotton rag paper, and then matted using archival 4-ply Bainbridge Alpha Rag Board. The prints are signed and dated on the reverse of the print and on the matt board in the lower right. The prints are also available framed in Nielsen metal frames.

The majority of the prints are available in two sizes, 8"x10" and 10"X12.5." All prints are matted to 16"x20."

Pricing is as follows:

The 8"x10" prints matted to 16"x20" are $450.
The 10"x12.5" prints matted to 16"x20" are $600.

The 8"x10" prints matted and framed to 16x20" are $600.
The 10"x12.5" prints matted and framed to 16x20" are $750.

The full selection of images, as well as more information on the platinum printing process, can be found here:


Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions.

I am excited to have set sail on this new adventure. Thank you for looking.


Austin Granger
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6-Dec-2016, 19:05
Hi Austin,

I tried to order a boat print, but it didn't work.

After I entered the shipping address, the form said there were no shipping options available.
It didn't give a reason.

- Leigh

Paul Cunningham
6-Dec-2016, 20:43
Hi Leigh, let me look at it right now and fix it. I'll PM you with any details.

Paul Cunningham
6-Dec-2016, 20:55
Ok, it's fixed now. Please let me know if any issues!

6-Dec-2016, 22:56
Worked fine - used Apple Pay to buy a print of Abbotts Lagoon. Looking forward to it.

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Drew Wiley
7-Dec-2016, 11:13
Those look lovely, Austin. But I must confess that water cress in Abbot's Lagoon would make a tempting salad! I know, it's a National Park and only the ducks
are allowed to eat it.

Paul Cunningham
13-Dec-2016, 23:05
Just to fill in a couple of details, there are seven images available now in the first release, with an additional seven planned.

Today Austin posted a nice image of an actual platinum/palladium print of "The Point Reyes, Tomales Bay" on his Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/austingranger)account.

The first images to be released are:


link to The Cunningham Press (http://www.thecunninghampress.com/austin-granger-platinum-prints?category=Available%20Now)