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Gabriele Campagnano
3-Dec-2016, 12:03
Dear All,

the last couple of days have been really frustrating for me.
I got (for fairly low price) an i1pro rev. A from
a seller that claims that the device was fully functional on his MacBook pro 17.

Using the original Gregtag Macbeth or the new X-Rite software I have not been able to calibrate the device
on its white tile to do spot or strip readings, I always get an error message.
On the other hand the device works perfectly to calibrate a monitor.

Running the diagnostic tells me that the lamp has less then an hour burning time and it seems to be fully functional.
This is in agreement with what the seller told me. (btw He refuses to take the unit back)

I have also tried to use the Argyll software with the same result,
as last bit of information I tried the i1pro on several machines (Windows and Mac, new and old) same story, failing to calibrate….

Any ideas/input would be really appreciated.


Doug Fisher
4-Dec-2016, 10:36
Does the serial number on the base plate with the tile match the serial number on the scanning unit? Have you tried running the calibration with everything in a basically darkened room to rule out light contamination (not very likely but worth ruling out)?

Is there any type of dirt, grease or smudge on the white tile. FYI - I don't think you are supposed to clean it with chemical/fluid cleaners.

Download the free diagnostic utility from the Xrite website and tell us what errors it reports. The last one I downloaded was Eye-One_Diagnostics_v2.5.1.exe


Gabriele Campagnano
4-Dec-2016, 12:16
Hi Doug,

thanks for the advice.
I tried with the diagnostics and indeed it fails at the last step.
The white tile sn is matching the device's one. Most probably the unit
is just defective and it needs factory calibration.
Below the report from the diagnostic program.

i1Pro Tests

General Information
Date and Time: 12/3/16 8:22 AM
Application version:, 64-bit
SDK version i1Pro:
SDK version i1iO:
SDK version i1iSis:
SDK version ColorMunki:
SDK version i1Display2: X-Rite, Inc. SipCal Library Ver. 7.3.7
Platform: Mac OS X 10.8.5, 64-bit

Open instrument
Connection: Successful
Open instrument: Successful

Instrument information
Instrument inspection: Successful
Serial number i1Pro: 104672
Type: i1Pro
Revision: A
Firmware version: 102
CPLD version: 101
Dark measurement count: 4233
Lamp burning time: 3114.1 seconds
Spot measurement count: 421
Scan measurement count: 270
Factory calibration: 12/18/02

Instrument Licenses
Measurement Modes: [Reflectance Spot, Reflectance Scan, Emission]
Licensed functionality: [Spectral values, Tristimulus, Density]
Licensed Modules:
i1Match Module "Scanner": NOT licensed
i1Match Module "Monitor": licensed
i1Match Module "Printer": licensed
i1Match Module "Printer RGB only": NOT licensed
i1Match Module "Printer CMYK only": NOT licensed
i1Match Module "Beamer": NOT licensed
i1Match Module "Printer Easy RGB": NOT licensed
i1Match Module "Printer Easy CMYK": NOT licensed
i1Match Module "Digicam": NOT licensed
i1Match Module "Editor": NOT licensed
i1Profiler Module "Display Profiling": NOT licensed
i1Profiler Module "RGB Printer Profiling": NOT licensed
i1Profiler Module "CMYK Printer Profiling": NOT licensed
i1Profiler Module "Printer QA": NOT licensed
i1Profiler Module "Advanced-Mode": NOT licensed
i1Profiler Module "Projector": NOT licensed

Button test
Button: Successful

Emission test
Emission calibration: Successful
Prepare the instrument for emission measurement
White measurement: Successful
Gray measurement: Successful
Black measurement: Successful
Red measurement: Successful
Green measurement: Successful
Blue measurement: Successful
Emission: Successful

Button test
Button: Successful

Noise Tests
Dark measurement: Successful
Noise measurements: Successful
Noise result: Successful

Reflectance test
Reflectance Spot calibration: Fail

Are the measurement head and the white tile clean?
Is the i1Pro placed on the white tile?
Try the following steps and repeat the test
Close all other applications.
Disable the sleep mode.
Connect laptop to power.
Remove unused PCMCIA cards.
Please connect the i1Pro directly to a main USB port. Do not connect it to the keyboard or a non powered USB hub.

*** FAIL ***

Doug Fisher
4-Dec-2016, 14:30
It sounds like it passes the monitor calibration tests just fine, so it should be good enough for that.

I wonder if a first cleaning step with lens cleaning fluid on the tile and or device's lens would be a safe step? I would contact Xrite and enquire about how to clean the tile and the lens of the hand scanner. Tell them upfront that it is impractical for you to send the unit in for calibration from Italy.

I would do everything possible to get a full or partial refund from the seller. If paid with a credit card or PayPal, you have leverage.

For anyone else who is reading this and contemplating a purchase of a used Xrite calibration system, always check to make sure the serial numbers match for all parts of the system and always take a laptop with the diagnostic program loaded to check the hardware first before buying. Store everything in the dark when it is not used!


Gabriele Campagnano
5-Dec-2016, 12:59
For those wondering how my story ended:
Eventually the seller accepted to refund me, I still believe he was in good faith, on the other hand
I had to rise my voice in my emails to him, that was unfortunate.
Maybe the lesson here is to buy this kind of of stuff only from know surces or to try them in person...