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30-Nov-2016, 18:19
Hi everyone,

My name is Helen and I am a student at SCAD. I am currently taking a on-line inkjet printing course and was wondering if anyone could recommend any books that provide information on color management and inkjet printing. I'd like to learn more beyond the basics.


30-Nov-2016, 23:59
Bruce Fraser's "Real World Color Management (2nd Edition) (2004) is a bit of a classic in the field of colour management.

Good Luck

1-Dec-2016, 00:06
RWCM is still about the best there is, and even though it's a dozen years old, it's still basically current. I think Jeff Schewe has a book out that covers inkjet printing. Yes: https://www.amazon.com/Digital-Print-Preparing-Lightroom-Photoshop/dp/0321908457/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1480575981&sr=8-2&keywords=jeff+schewe

neil poulsen
1-Dec-2016, 00:07
Another book that comes to mind is Andrew Rodney's book, Color Management for Photographers. I like both books. Where as RWCM tends towards the technical, Rodney's book tends to be hands-on.

The best forum of which I'm aware for digital color management is at Luninous-Landscape.com, where Andrew Rodney is a frequent participant. See the following link:


Greg Davis
2-Dec-2016, 11:15
You have at least two great people right there to ask, Craig Stevens and Steve Mosch. They can answer most of your questions and recommend books.

Jim Jones
9-Dec-2016, 10:06
Rob Sheppard's New Epson Complete Guide to Digital Printing (2011 revised edition) may be too basic for Helen, but useful for some others following this thread.