View Full Version : Mounting Rodenstock Rodagon lenses to Omega lens plates

25-Nov-2016, 13:21
I have just received a selection of enlarger lenses that I want to mount to my Omega D5 enlarger, but all the lenses are mounted into threaded DeVere lens boards so don't have any separate locking rings.

I hoped my spare Copal 1 rings would fit but the thread pitch seems wrong, and there isn't enough thread sticking through the plates anyhow. Does anyone know where I can get the correct rings (not flanges, as these won't fit into the 'top hat' lens plates, and how do these fit onto omega d5 lens boards as the thread itself isn't exactly loose in the lens plates.


Bob Salomon
25-Nov-2016, 13:48
You don't need Copal 1 rings you need 39mm Leica thread rings for Rodenstock lenses up to 135mm. You can order them from most any camera store, although they might be special order.

Michael E
25-Nov-2016, 16:04
Or get them on ebay, this is 2016 :-)

Randy Moe
25-Nov-2016, 18:10
I buy Leica screw mount bodies and harvest the lens mount.


EBay is the low-cost source as stated.

26-Nov-2016, 01:39

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