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tor kviljo
13-May-2005, 01:42
I recently bought a Spectra Tri Color meter (color temperature meter) from KEH, thinking it would help me figuring out filtration when using reversal film in indoor lit conditions. However, being an "as-is" item, the thing came without a manual.

Having two separately working dials showing red-blue & red-green light-values + a correction table on upper part of red-green scale having to be calculated for on high readings (?) , I see the need for some basic instructions.... I have not found much on the spectra tri-color meter on the net, and certainly no sign of users manual or guidance - is there someone out there having used this meter & can help?


Frank Petronio
13-May-2005, 07:43
No offense, but there is a reason that the Minolta Color Meters are the most popular choice.

If you have a digital workflow (scanning) then you may find a color meter no longer a necessity - basic rules and 30ccM will get you close enough.

Bob Salomon
13-May-2005, 08:14
Your meter was made by Spectra Cine in Hollywood, CA. Although it was discontinued in 1988 they may still have manuals for it. I believe you would have to try to reach them by phone.

Spectra is not common in the still photo industry but they were the dominant meter in the cine industry. So most people on this site may be more familiar with the common meters used in still work like Gossen, Minolta, Quantum, etc.

Sean Yates
13-May-2005, 09:29
Tor, send me an email, I think I can help