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Gabriele Campagnano
21-Nov-2016, 11:45
Hi All,

I have the possibility to buy a GregtagMacbeth Eye One Pro. I understand that its software
will only run on os x 10.6 using Rosetta.
My question is the following, if I generate printer profiles under os x 10.6 would these profiles
work with the latest operating systems?


neil poulsen
21-Nov-2016, 13:22
Yes, I think that they would work. They would be made according to the same standard that exists today. There might be a question about whether you needed Version 2 or 4 profiles. I still use Eye 1 Profiler software on a PC I keep around just for that purpose. I'm not familiar with Eye 1 Pro software, in particular. In any event, you could try calling X-Rite and confirm with them one way or another.

Here are a couple of thoughts:

Does the spectrophotometer include U.V. filtration? If not, then optical brighteners that can be found in many, if not most papers can negatively impact the profile. My system includes a software work-around that helps correct for this deficiency. Not sure about the Eye 1 Pro system. So this raises two questions: Does the spectrophotometer have the U.V. filtration; and if not, does the software have a work-around. Parenthetically, if the spectrophotometer that goes with the system has U.V. filtration, then the work-around is of course, not needed.

As another question, can the software provide both Version 2 and Version 4 profiles? I see where a recent, X-Rite display profiler system generates Version 4 profiles as the default.

Even though many printers are CMYK, their drivers call for RGB profiles, and this makes them "RGB" printers. Do you ever need true CMYK profiles (probably not), and if so, does the software provide them? For example, I have a ColorBurst RIP, and having the capability, I prefer to use CMYK profiles. This is especially nice for graphic arts. So, what are your needs in this regard?

22-Nov-2016, 00:12
The printer profiles will work just fine on new operating systems, and you should use version 2 profiles as a matter of course. What software does that come with and what version? I would be worried about the fact won't be able to upgrade and won't have any support whatsoever from X-Rite, which is okay for some legacy scanning software where there were no real improvements to be made, but probably not for profiling software where they're still figuring out better ways.

Gabriele Campagnano
23-Nov-2016, 02:31
Thank you very much for the useful infos.
I don't know about the UV filter, I will find out when I receive the item.
My main reason to make icc profiles is that I use non OEM inks with my epson R2880
and I am unhappy about the colour casts that I get.
The software I will be using is i1Match.