View Full Version : Zoo Shots with Wollensak 15" Tele

18-Nov-2016, 15:05
First time with the tele on the SuperD, not great, but also not an expensive lens all are cropped to some extent.

FP4, Pyrocat HD 1.5:1.5:100 12 min, 70F, Jobo, no pre-soak





Jim Cole
18-Nov-2016, 21:38
Really like #3.

19-Nov-2016, 01:03
Nice!! I also really like #3. The contrast is nice. That lens seems to be a good choice for a TTL camera like that.

neil poulsen
19-Nov-2016, 04:47
I have a 15" Wollensak Tele-Rapter that's currently in for a CLA. I'm looking forward to using it w/my Wista SP. When mounted, it's very solid on the camera.

19-Nov-2016, 08:28
Have the same lens that I screwed up trying to remove it from the aperture so I could mount in shutter. Now the aperture doesn't function so I have it permanently set at f/11 - oh well, I like the lens on my Series D.