View Full Version : Passing of Roger Burrough

15-Nov-2016, 19:42
Sadly, I will take it upon myself to announce the passing of Roger at Camtech here in Hamilton, Canada. Roger was self taught in the camera repair business and like many unrecognized people in this world was a genius in his field of mechanical cameras and lenses. His store was a block down the street from my office and I was an early customer 40 years ago. a fine friend, Roger will be missed.

bob carnie
16-Nov-2016, 07:11
That is sad news Bill, a local treasure for sure.

Len Middleton
16-Nov-2016, 08:03
That is sad news.

I only got to meet Roger relatively recently (+5 years), and he was the go-to guy in the area.

He will be missed.

18-Nov-2016, 08:53
Terrible news; I heard about his heart attack last month, and sent him a get-well email.
He never replied, now I know why.
A very nice man, and a mechanical wizard who helped me tremendously.