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austin granger
14-Nov-2016, 15:08
Hello all.

This Wednesday, November 16th, from 12-1, at the Portland Art Museum, I'm going to be giving a slide show and talking about my work. I'll also have some signed copies of my Point Reyes book available. The event is free. I hope to see you there!

Thank you,



https://c8.staticflickr.com/6/5018/5475316839_04a2824faf_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/9kQqWt)Clearing Storm, Drake's Bay, Point Reyes (https://flic.kr/p/9kQqWt) by Austin Granger (https://www.flickr.com/photos/austingranger/), on Flickr

Paul Cunningham
15-Nov-2016, 11:08
I'm planning to record the audio, so with a little luck we can put it together with the slides for anyone who wants to see it later.

David Karp
15-Nov-2016, 20:39
That would be great. Sorry I am not close to Portland.

16-Nov-2016, 17:43
Austin, Bravo!
Presentation was excellent on multiple dimensions. Complete absence of artistic pretense. 'Disarming - noting how such presentations were not your cup of tea. You could have made every mistake in the world & people would have been fine w/ it - it showed in their responses. Message/meaning not the same as subject matter - nicely done. 'No magic in finding inspiration, and repeating/retaking shots 'til they satisfy. I thoroughly enjoyed & came away w/ lots of respect. 'Noticed Zeb A. there - nice to see him.
'Hope you were happy with it. The Mrs. & I sure were & talked about it over lunch & some thereafter.

austin granger
16-Nov-2016, 20:07
Thank you so much! That is really good to hear. To be honest, I was so nervous it was almost an out-of-body experience for me. At one point I had to grip the podium to keep from keeling over.

Anyway though, I'm really glad you liked it. And thank you for coming!

16-Nov-2016, 20:43
Wonderful words HiHoSilver, now I am extra sad I didn't make it.

Well done Austin on delivering honest messages and inspiring conversation! and maybe next time you can enjoy it a bit more ;)


16-Nov-2016, 21:19
stawastawa - those fortunate enough to be there were *very* interested in Austin's perspective on the art, asking for transcripts to be made available. I can see why. The honesty, often personal served to inspire. The questions weren't those of detached people - they were very much interested in what Austin had to say. He came through as a *very* real person in whom artistic pursuit can't be separated from his thoughtfulness - about human condition, meaning, larger questions. It continues to stir thought and add dimension to the way I see when I'm mentally composing.
I certainly hope for a 'next time'. It would be a pleasure.

16-Nov-2016, 22:35
Congratulations, Austin !

I'm only sorry to be on the the side of the country.
Sounds like it was a great talk for those able to attend.

If a recording is available, please post info.

Paul Cunningham
17-Nov-2016, 00:53
I've put together a recording and the images from the talk. There is a little background noise, but pretty good I think considering we didn't tap into the a/v system and just recorded on my iphone (on the podium). I did my best to align the images and audio using Austin's notes.

Here you go and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Austin Granger at Portland Art Museum Brown Bag (https://youtu.be/ADjI8SROdt8)

18-Nov-2016, 07:52
Thank you, Paul !

Very kind of you to make Austin's talk available as a YouTube presentation.
I'm looking forward to seeing it tonite.
I'm sure many others will enjoy this, too.

With appreciation,


18-Nov-2016, 21:36
Watched the youtube video. Thanks Paul. (If it were the other Portland, I could have attended)

A good presentation Austin!

Monty McCutchen
19-Nov-2016, 09:17
I don't know Austin but having admired his work from afar it appears to me that HiHo Silver commentary on the presentation and the man are represented in all of his work


The delta of the print always can be traced back to the well spring of the person


John Olsen
19-Nov-2016, 14:47
Thanks for posting the talk. Austin is an engaging speaker and an inspiration to us all.

Peter Gomena
19-Nov-2016, 16:41
I was there for the talk, downloaded the video and relived the experience. Austin put a lot of effort into assembling an inspiring and heartfelt presentation.

austin granger
21-Nov-2016, 17:42
Nicholas, HiHo, Dennis, jp, Monty, John, and Pete, Thank you so much. You are all very kind. And thanks Paul, for recording the talk and putting that together-I was using all my powers to simply not keel over. :-)

21-Nov-2016, 18:31
Thanks for posting the talk, I am eagerly listening/looking now :).

I hope you don't mind Austin but I shared this video with all of my college student friends taking beginning or advanced b&w photography.

21-Nov-2016, 18:59
Hi Austin,

I listened last evening.
Wonderful talk - well spoken and with feeling. I'm sure it was even better in person.

Thanks, again, to Paul for making it available.

Dennis Dilmaghani

Jim Graves
22-Nov-2016, 21:37
Austin ... watched the You Tube presentation - not sure which was better - the photos or the talk - both extraordinary!

Really, really enjoyed it!

Joe O'Hara
23-Nov-2016, 07:49
"A kind of Grace"...

Your talk was perhaps the clearest explanation of what photography can be, and sometimes is,
that I've yet to hear. Well done, and thank you!