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6-Nov-2016, 08:07
I just got a varipoint l 1200 head ,but i caught not find the
12v/100w (e27) point light lamp for this enlarger ,so which brand i can use?
Please tell me ! I came from taiwan , many many thanks. Sincerely yours.:)

7-Nov-2016, 16:41
I've used this:


I know it's 20V, but you could look around the replacement lightbulbs website and see if there something similar that will suit the 12V/100W bulb you're after. I don't have any affiliation with the website, but have dealt with them more than a few times over the years and have always been happy with the service.

7-Nov-2016, 16:49
There might be some lamps for automotive applications that might work if you have trouble finding a replacement... But see what you can find first...

Steve K

9-Nov-2016, 18:32
I forgot to mention that for the bulb I've listed above, you're going to need an adapter. Something like this:


I don't think you're going to find a straight E27 bulb anywhere. If you do, let me know!

11-Nov-2016, 13:30
Many many thanks,i would try to find 12v/100w (e27) point light lamp straight ,if i got it,i would show more information!!!!:)

15-Nov-2016, 19:47
I've used an adapter like this: http://www.g4leds.com/led-light-accessories/lamp-holder-converter-adapter-to-convert-e26e27-to-mr16mr11g4g635.html
with various 12v bulbs successfully. No affiliation with the web site.

15-Nov-2016, 21:43
I just got a varipoint l 1200 head ,but i caught not find the
12v/100w (e27) point light lamp for this enlarger ,so which brand i can use?
I don't understand your question.

E27 is the European designation for the 27mm lamp base... the threaded part that screws into the socket.
That same E27 type would apply to all bulbs designed to fit into a regular light socket.

The American base is E26, being 26mm diameter. The two are inter-matable.

Google gets almost a million hits for 12v 100w e27 bulb.

- Leigh

Chauncey Walden
17-Nov-2016, 09:31
Isn't it that he wants a point light source the problem?

Bob Salomon
17-Nov-2016, 10:23
Check here. But you may have to find an adapter. Most bulbs have either a 3 letter code of a 5 digit code. If you know it it would simplify your search.


Chauncey Walden
18-Nov-2016, 12:33
So he would be looking for a vertically aligned single filament bulb for point light source work?