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Curtis Hobson
25-Oct-2016, 18:10
Hello All;

First post.

I recently got a great deal on a Durst 138 with a full complement of condensers, neg holders, Opal bulbs, Carlwen fluid mount carriers, the Larka copy carrier, the polycontrast filter drawer and lensboards, replacement bellows with tabs, etc.... Everything I need to get started but....

The heat absorbing glass inside the head was broken in transport.It is cracked perfectly down the middle so I thought that was how it came but that seems unlikely.

It looks like plate glass to me but is it a special glass? I will be using the 200w Opal bulb that came with it or the G40 Globe bulb as a replacement. I will not be using super hot 500w bulbs and the like but do want to know the following.

Can I replace it with plate or tempered of the same thickness from my local glass guys? It does take a lot of heat to melt glass after all.

Could I replace it with opal glass of the same thickness to tame the light going to the condenser?

Could I just leave it out?

Could I just leave it out and use the glass that is in the filter drawer holder to absorb heat as it is very thick and I can polycontrast filter at a different location.

If the consensus is to replace it, where can I get a replacement of the proper type?

I know Glennview notes they have this but he is pricey. I don't want to pay more for the glass than I paid for the enlarger. I am not a completist, just want to make the thing work as designed.

I haven't printed with this yet but am going to clean and lube it all up. I have the manual, and all the parts, this seems to be the last hurdle to get it going.

Any and all thoughts and comments are welcome and encouraged. Thanks for your patience.

PS. I am willing to trade the Carlwen carriers and Larka copy carrier as they are surplus to my needs. I need a top notch, clean lens for 4x5 b+w enlarging, 150mm or bigger. I can take the G-Claron 210 off my 4x5 but would rather not have to go back and forth with this.

I searched previous posts but could not find a clear answer to this issue.

Many thanks


Michael Clark
25-Oct-2016, 18:38
Curtis, I also have a 138 and the heat absorbing glass is also cut in half. It has not bothered me when printing, so I thought it was suppose to be that way.

25-Oct-2016, 18:39
The heat absorbing glass inside the head was broken in transport.It is cracked perfectly down the middle so I thought that was how it came but that seems unlikely.

That's how it's supposed to be! Don't mess with it. I'd stay away from the "pricey" dealer if I were you, just my 2's. In any case, you want to add a blower regardless of what wattage bulb you use. I'd use one even down to a 150W to keep things "cool". You don't need a "top notch" lens, just a good enlarging lens! I'd get a 180 Rodagon, Componon-S or Nikkor.


Jason Greenberg Motamedi
25-Oct-2016, 19:05
Nice to hear that the glass was supposed to be "broken." I have never used mine, but always wondered of it was supposed to be like that.

Michael Clark
25-Oct-2016, 19:10
Well, there you go, saved some money and learned something. I went threw the same thing, but now I know.

Curtis Hobson
25-Oct-2016, 20:56
Super and thanks all. It seems my deal just got better. All I have to do is some clean up, vacuum, dust and I should be good to go.

Thanks again


28-Oct-2016, 06:30
i also thought mine was broken but mey two halfs have different colour too ;)

Michael Clark
28-Oct-2016, 07:30
Two colors, did not notice that on mine.