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25-Oct-2016, 09:40
I'm looking at these tripods to carry an LF camera. Went back and read some of the older threads, and unfortunately, a lot of the models people recommended seem to be no longer in production. Haven't seen a lot of direct comparisons across all three at once, either. From what I've gleaned, the common-consensus hierarchy is Feisol>Induro>Benro. Is this accurate?

I'm looking for a strong, flat-topped tripod with a max height of around 5 1/2 feet. Preferably with a weight of under 8 pounds. Pointed feet if possible, for maximum traction in winter or soft ground. Durable, if possible. I'm concerned about durability especially; I want to make to squeeze the maximum value out of a tripod purchase. Very open to aluminum, if the weight helps stability and cost.

Not sure if I want a new tripod though. Would be willing to buy used. Just curious what my options are for these brands of modern tripods, as the various weights and bulk of some nice, sturdy, older Bogen/Manfrotto & Gitzo's don't seem to lend themselves to extreme portability.

Has anyone here possessed each these brands? Currently I am eyeing the FEISOL Tournament Tripod CT-3342. Although shorter than I want, it fits into my budget of 2-3 months from now in savings and belt-tightening.

Bob Salomon
25-Oct-2016, 10:23
Induro is a private label name for some Benro tripods marketed through their the MAC group.

Drew Wiley
25-Oct-2016, 11:50
I sometimes use a Feisol 3372 for my 8x10. The 3342 looks too light for that, but might do nicely for 4x5. I never ever use a center column, and modified the
head into a fixed platform with a turnbolt attached beneath, my like my heavier Ries wooden tripod. The camera is mounted directly to the top of the tripod, not
to any tripod head, though that is of course an option with lighter cameras. The carbon fiber is two-ply, so strong; but you don't want to dent or gouge it. Not a
substitute for my wooden tripods, by any means. Often weight is a virtue, especially in wind. But when lighter weight is a priority, this is an excellent product.
I recommend the stainless foot spikes, which simply screw on or off.

Leszek Vogt
25-Oct-2016, 20:46
I paid few bucks more for CT 3371 (Feisol) and like the height, and especially the under 5lbs weight. Had it since 2012. I slip it in a duffle bag and it travels with me without issues. Naturally, I do insulate it. Recently got a nice Arca Swiss head for it....and it's a wonderful combination.

Not sure what you intend to use it for. I might approach it bit differently if I was to use 8x10 rig.


Barry Wilkinson
26-Oct-2016, 03:04
I use a Feisol CT-3342 with an Acrotech head for my 4x5. A very light and sturdy combination. The only thing I would change is the leg angles at the first click stops, they are a little narrow. Not really an issue but I am careful in high winds. I would not swap it back for my aluminium Gitzo and Arca B1 head.


26-Oct-2016, 05:11
Another vote for the Feisol 3371. It's my go-to tripod and i have no complaints.


Alan Gales
26-Oct-2016, 09:02
Used wooden Berlebachs can go pretty reasonable on Ebay.

Just another alternative for you to look at.

neil poulsen
26-Oct-2016, 09:29
I have the Feisol 3372, and it's my best-ever tripod. It doesn't have the spiked legs. I see that Feisol has spikes one can add to their 3371. (Not sure if it fits the 3372, though.) It has beefy legs, and it's very strong. Yet, it weighs less than 4lbs. (There's a hook on the bottom to add weight for extra stability, if needed. But, I doubt that I'll ever use it.)

Best thing about this tripod is it's crown. It's machined and not cast, which gives it extra strength. Exchanging accessories on this tripod is quick and easy. For example, one can order extra plates that makes it very easy to swap heads, if that should be needed. No screwing heads on and off involved.

I bought the center column, but in retrospect, don't use it. The height with the center column makes the combination just a little too prone to tuning fork vibration. I would use it for 35mm digital (w/center column), but not for 8x10, nor 4x5.

I've never used a Benro, so can't compare. But, I can sure recommend the 3372.

26-Oct-2016, 20:51
I'm very interested in using a tripod that lacks a center column. My Bogen 3047 head adds enough distance between the tripod base and the camera to make me concerned with stability. Are there any alternatives to Feisol in this regard? I really like that wide base for the head to sit on. I couldn't find anything sub-1000$ USD on Manfrotto's website for similar center-column-less tripods. Or are tripod usually purchased with removable columns?

27-Oct-2016, 05:35
Most tripods these days have the option to remove the centre post.

27-Oct-2016, 05:45
You would be ahead to just buy a used Gitzo when comes available. They are almost indestructible. I've been using a 1325 (300 series) for about 15 years now in very harsh conditions, and it still performs flawlessly. It could outlive me.

Kent in SD

Drew Wiley
27-Oct-2016, 08:21
Oh, I wouldn't take that for granted. Just a couple years back I was backpacking with my older 3-ply Gitzo, which has been indestructible for many years, while a friend was carrying the analogous newer model 2-ply version. He slipped in a creek and two legs instantly broke right off that Gitzo!

27-Oct-2016, 10:09
The price on gitzos usually hovers well above the value of most of my camera equipment combined. While they do look nice, the price tag makes my forehead sweaty.

29-Oct-2016, 00:45
I have a Feisol 3342, and it can take my weight without collapsing. Yup, I suspended myself under the platform, and it held up.
I don't have a centre post, but I think there's one made for this pod.

Good for cameras up to 60 kilos at least!