View Full Version : Soligor Spot Sensor-II faulty

22-Oct-2016, 23:37
Hi All

My Soligor Spot Sensor-II just decided to give up the ghost.

Press the button, and the needle flies off the right side of the screen, and isn't seen again until the button is released.

Anyone have a similar experience and/or any suggestions. Willing to have a go at a fix as I've got nothing to lose.



23-Oct-2016, 06:55
I'm in Canada, but had pretty much the same thing happen to me one day with the same spot meter. Tried new batteries, made no difference. In my case, it was cheaper to buy a used Pentax Spotmeter than ship my Soligor to the USA to somebody who at the time said they could fix it. I was at two camera shows here in Canada the past month, saw used Pentax Spot meters at both shows. Just suggesting that because I like the Pentax better than the Soligor. If you cannot find a fix, I suggest you go that way. good luck

Liquid Artist
23-Oct-2016, 08:52
Mine did the same thing for a while. However it turned out that the switch was just sticking in such a way that when it was fully releases it acted like the first step, the first step was suddenly the second step.

23-Oct-2016, 15:58
Try Quality Light Metric in Hollywood, CA. USA. They work on light meters and have for decades. Think they are still in business per friends.

peter schrager
23-Oct-2016, 18:06
Richard Ritter can work on them too