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Jesus Spain
20-Oct-2016, 11:36
Hi everyone :)

I'm new in the Forum.

I'm a professional scanner operator and graphic designer from Spain. I have a iQSmart3 three years ago, and I need to buy reflective and transparency lamps for it.

Someone know where I can buy them?


Jim Andrada
27-Oct-2016, 00:08
You can contact Michael Streeter at Genesis. (YAK@Genesis-equipment.com)

He refurbs IQSmarts/Eversmarts and is an extremely helpful and knowlegeable guy.
Sorry I don't know anyone closer to you.

Jesus Spain
28-Oct-2016, 00:00
Hi Jim,

Thanks a lot. I have already contacted with Michael.


28-Oct-2016, 05:33
I asked Michael about lamps for an ES Pro only a month ago, and he does indeed stock them, for all Creo scanners.
I was in a light bulb store recently, and one of the salesmen said he remembered stocking those lamps from the late 90s/early 00s, and even back then they were expensive.

Jim Andrada
29-Oct-2016, 16:40
How's the Eversmart doing? I'm pretty happy with the IQsmart, but the software is sort of awful. It handles the scanning very well, but it's always losing some file or other and not starting up clean. Seems to be a crapshoot whether it will start or not. I scanned a bunch of stuff before heading off to CA for a Platinum printing workshop. Got back and the software won't start up right because of some file it lost. Waiting for a reply from Michael where to find the file. I don't know, maybe the cat tried scanning something while I was away.

29-Oct-2016, 18:24
I got lucky, the software has run fine since day 1. My only issue was a slow computer, transfer speeds greatly increased scan times.
I bought a new SSHD from Mac World for the G4 and re-installed everything from scratch, it's working great now.
I'm not running Oxygen, only Eversmart Scanning, so it's probably quite different. But it does have quirks, such as having to re-set sharpness and smoothing each time, even if I saved a setting.
Michael will help you and find the reason for your problems; I've only heard good things about the Oxygen software.

30-Oct-2016, 02:59
With regards to the software, i found it here:


Jim Andrada
30-Oct-2016, 15:24
I have the software installed. It generally seems to work well but it seems to have a tendency to forget where it put critical files and not be able to restart cleanly. Not the most robust software I've ever come across