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neil poulsen
18-Oct-2016, 23:43
Prior to retiring, Photobackpacker put together an excellent backpack/backboard/case combination for camera gear. Is it possible to find just the backpack, or were the P-series backpack made to his specifications?

I'm having trouble finding anything that looks similar, even at the Kelty site. Nor can I goodle anything that relates to a Kelty Redwing P1, P2, etc.

John Kasaian
19-Oct-2016, 06:43
I bought mine from REI not long ago. Has Kelty stopped making them?
My Boy Scout son made off with mine and I haven't seen it since!
It was a nicely made pack, IIRC, and quite comfortable.
www.campmore.com is usually a good source for recently discontinued outdoor products
Good luck on your hunt.

19-Oct-2016, 07:55
Check with user Songyun. He has a P2 for sale.

19-Oct-2016, 11:16
I just found one on eBay for $40. The backer board and components fit perfectly. There are even Velcro strips to hold in the aluminum pack frames that can also hold the backer board in place.

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19-Oct-2016, 15:04
I have much of Bruce's gear and like it. But if I were looking for a new pack, I wouldn't try to hunt down any of the old gear. When he started, there weren't a lot of light weight, comfortable backpack options. So, his system was ahead of the curve at the time. But now there are great pack options that offer even more customization than Bruce's system. Personally, I like the Mindshift FirstLight 30L or 40L packs (Think Tank company). I'm considering the 40L myself for 8x10. The f-Stop packs are also very well regarded (if not a bit pricey).