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Darin Boville
17-Oct-2016, 19:41
I just posted this over at DPReview--thought I'd be smart to ask here as well...

I need an iPad app to display my work similar to a portfolio.

I imagined there would be a list of great apps for this function...but all I'm finding are apps with mixed reviews. Other apps look to be old (2014!) Or very odd user interfaces (pinch on image doesn't zoom out, it exists gallery).

What is the current industry standard or at least something that works well?

I need to be be able to hand the iPad to a curator etc and let them browse images and videos without getting back into all the other apps on the iPad. The app needs to use commonly accepted gestures (pinch to zoom out, etc). Needs to allow several different galleries for viewing.

Would also be great if they app allowed offline (no internet connection) viewing.

What am I missing?


Light Guru
17-Oct-2016, 19:54
Most people just use the photos app. If you have a square space website then they also have a nice portfolio app that syncs with the photos on your website.

I don't think you will find an app that won't let you go back to the home screen or to other apps, that would require hacking the OS.

Randy Moe
17-Oct-2016, 20:01
I'm sure there are dozens of ways and the less mainstream the worse for you. Microsoft may be the answer.

I googled Adobe and found Adobe Presenter (http://www.adobe.com/products/presenter.html?sdid=JVLHW79P&mv=search&skwcid=AL!3085!3!85938250829!b!!g!!adobe%20presenter%2010%20free%20download&s_kwcid=AL!3085!3!85938250829!b!!g!!adobe%20presenter%2010%20free%20download&ef_id=VyuywQAAARz1s-GZ:20161018025945:s), which I know nothing about, but I sure would try Adobe first.

Others will offer all kinds of answers. Simple is best. Mainstream is best. Locked down is better. You want to turn your Pad into a secure slate of images...

17-Oct-2016, 20:52
I haven't heard of anyone handing over their own iPad to allow people to view images in a portfolio before but just thinking round the problem a bit.....
With many website providers you can have a secure area within your own website that is password protected so that only people with the password can get there. It's not really an "app" in the accepted sense of that word however. Most wedding photographers use this function so that customers and families can view images from their weddings but not anyone else's wedding. As to functionality, pinching etc. - some research may be needed to find out what specific website providers give.
This would mean that potential portfolio viewers (your potential customers) could view on their own screens rather than on your iPad.
It's the handing over of the iPad that is causing the problem of security so I would suggest either you avoid doing that or maybe get a separate dedicated iPad (if funds allow). The question of cost also arises with a website of course. Might be difficult to find a cheap or free one with secure area facility.

18-Oct-2016, 02:15
A web-hosting package, containing as many secure folders as you want plus several image-display applications, will be only a few dozen euros/dollars/pounds per year. So both a lot cheaper and more flexible than an iPad. If you are going to be physically present in order to hand over an electronic device, why not simply present a printed portfolio instead? Much less common and, arguably, makes a bigger impression on the person inspecting it.

Drew Bedo
21-Oct-2016, 15:22
Let me see if I have this right—You do large format photography and produce large negatives from 4x5 " to maybe 8x10". From these high quality negatives you generate large prints. Now you want toshow someone your work and they have to look at a video itty-bitty (don't know the metric conversion).

Why not show them a box of real prints—a portfolio.

Drew Wiley
25-Oct-2016, 16:18
Lots of my customers routinely present portfolios of architectural and project shots that way, and some do it extremely well. But I haven't chatted with them too
much about the specifics. Early on I had a few opportunities to do select view camera shots that got scanned into such devices, when the wanted perspective controls. But soon they discovered MF digi cams and tilt/lenses. Some of these guys had real photo and darkroom experience under their belt at one time, often
as architectural students up at the puppy mill. I prefer real-deal print portfolios rather than just the modern version of a slide show. But selling a service is different than selling what is allegedly art in its own right.

Darin Boville
25-Oct-2016, 20:13
Just back from the Medium Festival in San Diego. Bottom line on this question: Keynote actually would work well enough and, as it turns out, I didn't need to use the iPad after all, the actual prints I brought were more than enough.