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14-Oct-2016, 21:30
Hi all, my name is Russ. I am currently shooting with an APS-C sized sensor camera. For a long time now I have had an idea of trying something bigger. I don't know if medium format shooters are welcome here but that's what I want to try first and maybe one day go 4x5 and bigger. I have a Voigtlander Avus camera at the moment and two non-working lenses for it which I am trying to fix - first is a Spiratone Weitwinkel 65mm f/6.8 with a cracked rear element and a Voigtlander 105mm f/4.5 which came with the Avus. Also I've got a Rada 120mm roll film back. Plans are to get those lenses fixed and buy developing tanks/reels and try developing in Caffenol. I did take photography classes not long ago and did some developing and darkroom printing there, but not on my own at my house with my own tools. I was looking a ForSale/Wanted section here but couldn't find - want to ask if anyone here has parts for my lenses. Any help is appreciated. Thank you :)

15-Oct-2016, 04:47
Hey Russ,
Welcome aboard - I hope you enjoy the adventure you're starting.
As for whether MF shooters are welcome, most people here are multi-format shooters but the forum does focus on large format (i.e. 4x5 and larger -- predominantly sheet film -- formats).
So while you're very welcome, for MF work you may find APUG (www.apug.org) more helpful, particularly in terms of the range of gear people put in the classifieds.

Good luck and have fun :)

neil poulsen
15-Oct-2016, 11:52
There's tons of information on basics (and beyond) on the LF Home Page.

There's about a 30 day delay from initial post before the FS forum becomes visible to new members. (It goes by fast.)

There's also lots of equipment on EBay. Craigslist can be a good place to find a reasonably priced enlarger. Given their size, they're usually best purchased locally.

Oren Grad
15-Oct-2016, 14:47
This Forum is devoted to large format photography, defined for practical purposes as captures 4x5 inches or larger.

However, discussion of other photographic topics, including medium format questions, is welcome in our Lounge area. You will find that many of our members have substantial experience with medium format and can offer well-informed advice.

Two other forums that host extensive discussion of medium format topics are APUG, as mentioned by Halford, and Rangefinder Forum.

Good luck, and have fun!

Dan Fromm
15-Oct-2016, 15:27
First off, good luck and have fun.

Y'r 65/6.8 Spiratone Weitwinkel is inexpensive and very uncommon. Cracked elements can't be fixed and a replacement element for your lens will be hard to find. Spiratone's been out of business for decades and stopped selling those lenses decades before they folded.

If you want to use your Avus by all means do but if you want a wide angle lens for it your best bet is to find another. Likely candidates include 65/6.8 Angulon and 65/6.8 Wollensak, sold as Raptar (Wollensak's brand) and Optar (Graflex Inc's brand). The two lenses have different designs but are functionally equivalent.

15-Oct-2016, 20:24
Thank you for all the replies :)

16-Oct-2016, 10:08
Hey, there's a furryurry on the Pentax forums too; what a coincidence. :cool:

Welcome, you've found the right place to hang out and learn more about large format. Lots of image sharing in other formats too, especially medium format film. Technical and gear-oriented discussion is indeed mainly about large (and ultra-large) format, but there's plenty of darkroom talk applicable to either.

18-Oct-2016, 23:58
Oh hi :) thank you and yes it looks like a great place, I've read a lot here already