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Kerosene Hat
13-Oct-2016, 07:47
Hey everyone, I'm in the process of loading up some holders at home (changing bag) and was getting a bit fancy in preparation for an upcoming trip. I thought I'd consolidate 2 film holders that each have one exposed & one unexposed frame on them. I'm getting ready to put everything in my changing bag on my desk in the home office and lifted the box of Portra 400 I opened last week and bam!....One end of the box slid up - I neglected to seal the box with painter's tape (my method) after opening last week. The interior box didn't seem to shift and, of course, the film is in the paper pouch that it came in.

My question is - do you think I blew the remaining 8 frames in this box? At $4 / frame + dev & shipping costs (I don't always do my own C-41), I'd like to have an idea of what to expect from the experts, if possible. Has anyone else had this happen w/ a box of sheet film before? Thanks in advance!


Mats Mordal
13-Oct-2016, 09:09
If the film was in the bag i would assume you are good to go.

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Jim C.
13-Oct-2016, 11:41
IF the inner box was seated well and the film pouch was neatly cut to open and the end folded over
after the last time you loaded film, you should be fine.

Kerosene Hat
13-Oct-2016, 17:25
Thanks, everyone. To clarify, the pouch was cut open on one but not folded over in the second box. I just can't find any slack in those Portra bags to fold over-but I will look more closely next time. Sounds like a crap shoot-I've marked the holder w/ the potentially impacted frame, so I will have to see. Thanks again!