View Full Version : Hii everyone

13-Oct-2016, 00:39
As I am new to this forum and hope that you will help me.

Thank you.

13-Oct-2016, 01:29
welcome! let us know your questions. feel free to share images and ask for feedback in any of the image discussion forums! I look forward to seeing what you like to see and photograph!

Alan Gales
13-Oct-2016, 10:49
Welcome to the forum, Patel!

Mark Sampson
13-Oct-2016, 19:17
Welcome aboard!

Peter Lewin
15-Oct-2016, 11:02
Can you tell us something about your photography? And even with "small format" film or digital, you can post on the "all other" images sub-forum.

15-Oct-2016, 12:50
Welcome. If you're into large format photography, or even just curious about it, this is the place to be.