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10-Oct-2016, 13:27
Has image viewing on the forum changed for anyone? I used to be able to click on someone photo and it would open a pop up window that would hover over the forum, but now when ever I click on an image it loads the image on a black background and to be able to get back to the thread I have to click back on my history. It's not really a problem (I can live with it) I'm just wondering if something might have changed on the forum or if it could be my browser.

10-Oct-2016, 15:10
Near as I can tell, this is a function of your browser, not the forum software, and it depends on how the poster has attached the picture (as an attachment or as a link to a separately stored image). Usually, you can just hit the back button on the browser to return to where you were.

Rick "you might also see if you have the latest version of your browser" Denney

Ralph Barker
10-Oct-2016, 15:11
We haven't changed anything on the forum end, and I'm still getting the pop-up style display.

11-Oct-2016, 22:02
I figured out my problem. I have "NoScripts" on my browser and I had to allow all for the images to load up in the pop-up style display. It must have reset itself after I updated to OS Sierra.

Thanks everyone!