View Full Version : Help me, I want to make my own cams!!

8-Oct-2016, 11:24
It's not like I'm dying to make my cams, it's just that I can't find them. I have a 4x5 Crown Graphic Top Rangefinder and I want to make a P8 (150.3 mm) cam, however, I don't have the measurements to make it. Does anyone out there have them and would like to share them?


8-Oct-2016, 11:39
Does this help? https://www.graflex.org/articles/oakes/

Neal Chaves
8-Oct-2016, 11:47
Here's what TRF cams I cut myself look like155938 210 (cut down from 250) 90, 150 and 65mm. These are made from hobby shop brass stock. Search my old posts. I have discussed this many times.

8-Oct-2016, 12:30
Does this help? https://www.graflex.org/articles/oakes/Thanks Jac. I'll be honest, I haven't read the whole article. I quickly glanced at it, but this doesn't give you the measurements to make one?