View Full Version : Jan Pietrzak at THe NM Museum of Art

Kirk Gittings
7-Oct-2016, 10:49
Jan Pietrzak tonight at the New Mexico Museum of Art in Santa Fe:

Merg Ross
8-Oct-2016, 21:08
Congratulations to all of you for carrying on the tradition! It is encouraging to know that the small print is still being honored. There is an important message in your exhibition.

Cheers, and a successful exhibit.


Jan Pietrzak
9-Oct-2016, 08:26

Thank you.....the show was well received....jan


9-Oct-2016, 09:22
Exactly what size are the prints?

Jim Noel
9-Oct-2016, 09:24
Congratulations Jan! Sorry I can't get there to see it.
Jim Noel

Steve Sherman
9-Oct-2016, 09:28
Congrats Jan, one day hope to see a selection of your vision and share some sit down time ! Best wishes this current exhibition !!

Jan Pietrzak
9-Oct-2016, 10:53
First of all I need to thank Kirk for posting this on the LFPF.....faberryman, these are 6x6 images hand coated with Pt/Pd, contact printed matted with 8x10 embossed 300# watercolor paper framed to 11x14.....to my friend Jim Noel thank you for you just being you, and 30 years of friendship....and the show will be up for 6 months.....to Steve some day it will happen.....if you come to Santa Fe you get a 2fer we can get Kirk to come up and spend some time.....Jan