View Full Version : Moholy-Nagy: Future Present Chicago Bauhaus ARTIC extravaganza

Randy Moe
6-Oct-2016, 08:05
I should have known more about this prolific artist and master of all media. I got a great education viewing this massive exhibit Tuesday.

While Moholy did many things, I liked his photography and photograms particularly. He often enlarged photograms to the size of his paintings.

This last year I have been working on things similar to his, without knowledge of his work. Just as well. He was a master of appropriation and explored everything under the Sun.

Don't miss this, if in Chicago.


6-Oct-2016, 08:10
he was pretty amazing ...
i was lucky to be given an old
vhs tape of the movie black/white/grey on loan
from the fogg museum at harvard university when
i was learning about him/his works when i was a student ..
i was also given a private viewing of the "light prop" ( light shadow simulator)
that he used to make the movie. that guy was a genius ---

i wish i was in chicago !

6-Oct-2016, 08:45
I spent my first two years of college in the early 1970s at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, with the idea that I could choose to major either in physics or photography. IIT's Institute of Design was founded by Moholy-Nagy, so I got to learn about him back then. He was a true innovator and aesthete. I stayed in physics, by the way, and became an optical engineer.


6-Oct-2016, 11:28
The I am the sun exhibit looks interesting too!

7-Oct-2016, 17:02
I have commented about his work previously in this forum. His work at the Bauhaus Institute is remarkable and very well known among EU in Arts and Photo medium. Walter Gropius invited him to the direction of the Photography Dep. at that time, it was really a cleaver choice,