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hendrik faure
5-Oct-2016, 14:19
In April 2014 I preordered and payed a wanderlust camera and later I was happy to see first wanderlust photos in this forum.
But up to now I did not get my camera and the wanderlust people - reporting from time to time in earlier days - are no more reachable and do not even answer to emails.
Does anybody have any information?
thank you

Andrew O'Neill
6-Oct-2016, 17:46
Their website seems to be gone but I noticed they just replied to a comment on their old kickstarter page.

Andrew O'Neill
6-Oct-2016, 17:49
Someone also commented there Sept. 22 that their camera seemed to have gotten stuck at customs. Maybe that's what happened to yours?

Light Guru
7-Oct-2016, 16:27
The creator Ben Syverson is a member on this forum. Try messaging him through here.

I did a little searching and also found him on twitter. @bensyverson I would probably start there.

hendrik faure
8-Oct-2016, 23:49
Andrew and Zak, thank you - I will follow your hints and report later

9-Oct-2016, 02:34

There is contact info in the faq.

Jon Shiu
9-Oct-2016, 07:34
just do a comment in the kickstarter wanderlust page

Andrew O'Neill
9-Oct-2016, 12:26
Yes, if appears that if you leave a message in the comment section on their kickstarter page, they'll PM you.