View Full Version : ALCHEMY OF LIGHT, Tillman Crane exhibit at National Art Museum of China, Opens NOV23

5-Oct-2016, 06:49
Tillman Crane has a solo exhibit, Alchemy of Light, opening November 23 at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing. He will be in Beijing for the opening and may be available for a week or more during the exhibit as he will be photographing during that time. Admission to the museum is free so if you are in the area he says to drop by and say, “hello”. The exhibit closes on December 5th.

All prints are hand coated Platinum/Palladium done by Tillman. Originals from negatives as well as digitally enlarged negatives. Images up to 20x24 in size.

Tillman has spent months in China working on images as well as an intensive classroom experience learning to speak the language. Hope some of our readers can make the exhibit. A good opportunity to see one of our Pt/Pd printers at the top of his game.

You can probably find out a bit more on his website http://www.tillmancrane.com