View Full Version : Anyone familiar with this (or similar) camera bag?

29-Sep-2016, 08:13
Hello everyone,

slowly but surely putting together a carrying solution for my Toyo VX125 + accessories. Came across this bag and was wondering if anyone know its brand or model? Alternatively, maybe you know a similar model?


Thanks for your help!!

Keith Pitman
29-Sep-2016, 08:31
Looks like a Tamrac.

Alan Gales
29-Sep-2016, 09:38
Check Ebay for used Tamrac bags. The old ones are cheap.

I've got two (a large and a small) Tamrac bags which I purchased in the 1980's and they are holding up fine.

Jeff Keller
29-Sep-2016, 16:55
The long dividers look like they could have come from a rolling case. The bag looks like a large shoulder bag ex: http://www.tamrac.com/products/stratus-21

Lowepro makes large backpacks which have a similar divider layout but they have "front panel loading" rather than "top loading".


Drew Bedo
30-Sep-2016, 15:08
Tamrac makes good bags.

Another option: My Zone VI lives in a LowePro Magnum 35. Got the bag when I bought some gear that came in it. The whole 4x5 kit packs in and its "hell-for-stout" as they say here in Texas.