View Full Version : Using roll PICTORICO Transparency Film with an Epson 4900 printer

28-Sep-2016, 16:35
Probably 3 years ago made digital negatives using a roll of PICTORICO Transparency Film with an Epson 4900 printer. I misplaced my notes but I think I had a problem with the transparency film continuously feeding thru the printer. I think the printer would check the size of the paper first but because I was using transparency film and not paper it couldn't determine the size and kept on feeding the transparency material. I solved this by taping a paper leader to the film. But later on I did something to turn off the "check paper size"? option. Anyone know what I did?

29-Sep-2016, 10:14
Maybe: https://files.support.epson.com/htmldocs/pro38_/pro38_ug/softw_3.htm#S-00200-00500-00400