View Full Version : Paul Caponigro, et al, Oct. 16th, Camera Commons in Dover, NH

John Layton
28-Sep-2016, 05:16
Just to let everyone know about what should be a great LF exhibit, featuring Paul Caponigro, Carl Hyatt, John Layton, Richard Ritter, David Speltz, and Paul Wainwright...Opening on Sunday, October 16th, and running until January 8th, 2017.

Here's a link: http://www.cameracommons.com/upcoming-exhibitions.html

Also, a general "shout out" for Camera Commons (follow the above link to their website) - offering workshops, rental darkrooms, alt-process and digital labs (etc, etc), and featuring several gallery spaces for exhibitions...check it out!

28-Sep-2016, 07:41
I'll be there, likely for the opening, it's right nearby. Agreed, a great place, definitely worth a visit.

Ken Lee
28-Sep-2016, 08:17
Will those photographers be present at the opening ?

John Layton
28-Sep-2016, 10:55
Ken, I assume that most, and perhaps all, will be present - but I cannot speak for anyone but myself...and I will definitely be there.

John Layton
20-Oct-2016, 07:02
Great Opening...and, artist-wise - the only no-show was Richard Ritter (you gotta come see Richard's daguerreotypes!). Great works and a good time had by all…and well attended. A second opening in the downstairs gallery, entitled "Abandoned Spaces," accompanied our LF opening upstairs.

Finally got a more thorough tour of the Camera Commons facility by founder David Speltz - featuring several galleries, rental/instructional studio space, rental/instructional darkrooms including all enlarger formats up to 8x10, UV-boxes up to 20x24 (with vacuum frame - cool!) - large sinks with automatic tray-rockers (very cool!), digital lab with several computer work stations, several large Epson printers (up to 9000 series), conference/teaching space, full schedule of upcoming workshops, shows, etc. etc.

Paul Caponigro was in great form...holding forth with some great stories and anecdotes. Paul was also very attentive to the work of the other artists present, and he made it a point to visit the downstairs gallery and chat at some length with some of the younger photography students in attendance. It was also nice to reconnect with Paul, as I had taken a workshop from him in the early 1980’s.

The LF show will be up until early January, and there will be a gallery talk on Sunday, Dec. 11th, featuring at least myself, Carl Hyatt, David Speltz, and Paul Wainwright...perhaps also Richard Ritter and Paul Caponigro (fingers crossed!), and should provide a great forum for further discussion.

In the meantime, I strongly urge folks to check out Camera Commons (cameracommons.com). I count myself among a growing contingent…not just of photographers, but also of photography instructors, of those seeking instruction in analogue, digital, and/or hybrid photographic processes, of buyers and collectors of photographic art, and of the community at large…who are coming to realize that this is a truly first-rate facility and a valuable resource for all.

At any rate, here are the two photos from the opening which have been so kindly sent to me by photographer Ken Kartes (kenkartes.com), and I'll try to send a few more soon:

John Layton
20-Oct-2016, 07:05
Sorry about that...for those who do not recognize Paul Caponigro - that's him in the first photograph, viewing my L-45A camera. Second photo is of myself in front of my work. As mentioned, I'll try to get ahold of some more photos of the other artists, etc., when and if they become available to me.

20-Oct-2016, 08:43
I went to the opening (I have a shot in the downstairs gallery - abandoned places).

It is a nice exhibit, print quality varies (some is analog I think, some are large-format-printed-from-scans-on-inkjet). The Hyatt prints are huge, but the Caponigro ones are not that large, but still exquisite (I think the best printed ones there, actually). The daugerrotypes are nice but tiny. John, nice shot of the Basin, that's always a great place to visit.

Camera Commons is a nice place, no doubt. I have thought about joining, and probably will, mostly to get access to the digital printers and scanners (already have an as-good-or-better darkroom at home anyway...).