View Full Version : 305mm Repro Claron as 8x10 enlarging lens

27-Sep-2016, 03:32

i have a 305mm Repro Claron that im planning to use on my 8x10 enlarger(still have to make it).enlargements would be max 16x20..
would there be anyone with experience on this subject?
No G-Claron but Repro...
i red good reports on using the 240 G-Claron(even the 210 for small prints)on 8x10,and was wondering if my 305 Repro Claron could do the trick too:)im not expecting a magic bullet or something mindblowing,i was just wondering if this lens could work on my first test,or should i get another lens for this purpose(figuring this out before,not to "waist" time if the enlarger is done..)
btw..i dont mind the f9 focusing dimness,but would be curious to hear someones experiences with the 305 on 8x10.
coverage limits magnification-wise,resolution and corner perfonmance would be the interesting factor here,as i mentioned before with 2x magnification max..
Thanks Everyone!

AJ Edmondson
27-Sep-2016, 05:08
I used one for years on an old 8x10 enlarger and never found any reason to complain. Anything I could report would be relative to 8x10 enlarged to 11x14 since that was about the only size I was printing. I used an 810 cold-light head and never had any problems with printing times (but it was the high-intensity version). Before the Repro-Claron I had used an old Ilex Paragon (240mm f4.5) and the Repro-Claron was a big improvement over it.

27-Sep-2016, 06:18
Thanks for the info Joel!im relieved to know that there is someone who used this lens succesfully on an 8x10 enlarger!could find info only on the G-Claron-s.
may i ask you about light-resolution fall-off,did you notice anything around the corners?i think the answer lies in your:"never found any reason to complain" sentence..:)
what do you think could the lens handle 16x20?im mos. def. going to give it a try..
planning to use dimmable supperbright LED,so long printing time wont be an issue..
Thanks Joel!

AJ Edmondson
27-Sep-2016, 06:32
I made a few 16x20 prints and had no problems. I wouldn't have any reservations but there may well be others who see things that I don't... I will say that I have always been very demanding with regard to print quality and I never saw any discernible loss of quality in the corners with either resolution or light fall-off. At the time I was using a 10" Wide Field Ektar and a 165mm Super Angulon on 8x10 so I think I would have noticed problems.

27-Sep-2016, 07:12
Thanks a Lot for the quick answer!
so it seems i will be more challenged to make the corners sharp during exposure,than during printing;)
now i cant wait to convert my 5x7 enlarger to 8x10!
will post it here if its ready,also some sample images..but it will take time.