View Full Version : any LFF folks on indy?

the smiling gecko
24-Sep-2016, 10:15

wondering if there are any LFF folks in indy?

in town for a day or two looking for interesting photography possibilities.

thank you in advance.

Andrew O'Neill
24-Sep-2016, 15:45
What's indy??

Bob Salomon
24-Sep-2016, 15:59
What's indy??

Probably Indianapolis.

the smiling gecko
24-Sep-2016, 17:09
good question eh, Andrew O' Neill.

mebbe i should of used the proper name - except most folks in indiana know it as "indy".

flew into indy and i figured i buy gas and eats for someone local - instead of renting a car and driving around without a plan.

Andrew O'Neill
25-Sep-2016, 17:52
Got it. Thanks! I've only heard of indy in reference to independent music, or film.

Andrew O'Neill
25-Sep-2016, 17:53
The Indy 500!