View Full Version : Fishing Reel Case for Lens - Anyone using? Recommendations?

Bob Mann
21-Sep-2016, 08:53
Looking into a case to transport lenses on Linhof boards.

Fishing reel cases look interesting, anyone using one?

Quite a few years ago I had a Fishpond single reel case that was OK, but I would prefer to have one case that holds at least 4 lenses, not a bunch of individual cases. I did a quick search on Amazon but did not recognize most of the brands they have for sale.

Kevin Crisp
21-Sep-2016, 08:55
Somebody here was recommending the Cabella's reel case. It is inexpensive and I bought one and it works fine. It will not give you the level of protection you'd get from a dedicated photo bag manufacturer, but then you are only paying $20 something.

21-Sep-2016, 08:55
I use Allen Company fishing reel cases. One even fits nicely inside a pelican case I have in case I need more protection.

21-Sep-2016, 08:56
I keep this as a spare: http://fishpondusa.com/product/detail/sweetwater-reel-case/1982
The second-largest blue case will hold three big lenses on Linhof boards, or four smaller lenses.

Drew Bedo
21-Sep-2016, 08:57
I store my lenses in the now discontinued PhotoBackpacker boxes. I have also packed mounted lenses in sandwich bags stuffed into Crown Royal bags.

However, I have read posts here from folks who do use fishing reel cases from Orvis. I have looked at the orvis reel bags and they seem worth your consideration.

21-Sep-2016, 09:02
I've been using the cabelas spinning reel cases for several years. They do the job and I prefer them over wraps. Most of my lenses on linhof boards go in the medium size. http://www.cabelas.com/product/Cabelas-Reel-Cases/737496.uts?searchPath=%2Fbrowse.cmd%3FCQ_refinements%3D~brand%253dCabela%252527s%26CQ_search%3Dspinning%252breel%252bcase%26CQ_st%3Db%26categoryId%3D734095080 $12

sorry, now I see you don't want a bunch of cases.

Jim Andrada
21-Sep-2016, 16:14
+1 in the Cabela's cases

Victor Loverro
21-Sep-2016, 18:04
I use the Fishpond Stowaway Reel Case. It is perfect for Linhof size boards and 4x5 filmholders can be stored on edge. The bottom is moulded and waterproof. The case holds my lenses, film holders and accessories.

David Karp
21-Sep-2016, 20:56
Hi Bob,

I use the Cabela's reel case to hold my lenses on Technika type boards. They work great for storage. As for travel, I have carried them in the car when I am going to use multiple formats and I am going to use different lenses with each. I might carry them on an airplane and store them under the seat in front of me. The case is not as protective as a hard-sided case, but I am not using it for the same purpose as one of those.


Eric Biggerstaff
22-Sep-2016, 06:44
I use the Cabela's but Fishpond has a really good one as does Orvis.

Bob Mann
22-Sep-2016, 07:30
Thanks for the suggestions, I will look into the ones mentioned.

Raymond Bleesz
22-Sep-2016, 07:32
I have the fishpond cases as well--2 which carry 3 lenses ea as well as a single--Obviously they add weight & bulk to one's pack, but they are well protected and one can organize, take along, as the needs might be.

Raymond, In the Vail Valley

Kirk Gittings
22-Sep-2016, 08:02
I use the Cabela's but Fishpond has a really good one as does Orvis.

I have all three, using them for more that just lenses. Assuming they are still made like mine are. The Cabellas is the cheapest and the lightest. It is the most pliable too (softest). The dividers do not hook to the bottom so they move around a lot. If I was backpacking I would probably use this one because of the weight, but if it were squished into a backpack it's possible the lensboards could make contact because of the lack of rigidity of the case and dividers. The other two are more rigid but there is a weight penalty as a result. I use them for my spare lenses and other gear that I don't use on most shots. I use Photobackpacker multi-lens cases in my backpack because they are rigid and light, though these cases under conversation here would work too given the caveats I mentioned here.

24-Sep-2016, 15:22
I'm using the below, and like it very much:

Allen Company Big Fork Fishing Reel and Gear Bag, Olive https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MK16KPG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_PXV5xbQS3BAF6

BTW, this smaller one does pretty good service as a 4x5 holder case:
Allen Company Willow Creek Fishing Reel Bag, Olive https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MK16L00/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_NZV5xbA411AGK

24-Sep-2016, 16:41
I have also packed mounted lenses in sandwich bags stuffed into Crown Royal bags..

I also have been using Crown Royal bags. I was skeptical at first of the limited protection they seemed to offer but in the hundreds of times that I have used them to carry lenses, meters, and more, I have never had anything dent, scratch, or or show any wear. Usual outfit is a Chamonix with its OEM padded wrap, film holders in their OEM padded cases, and everything else in Crown Royal bag. Have carried a dozen items in this way in my vintage Dana backpack without a single problem. Found a silver marker pen at Michael's Art Supplies to mark the outside of the Crown Royal bags. Nice thing about the Dana backpack is that it was made to carry 20 or 30 pounds of camping equipment comfortably on ones back for miles unlike Photo dedicated backpacks that I've found to be not so comfortable after a hour of hiking. Exception was a large Crumpler Karachi Outpost photo backpack that I used for years. Loved it but ergonomics of packing equipment in it less than ideal.... interior of Crumpler was too rounded.

Bob Mann
24-Sep-2016, 17:10
Thanks all - after looking I have settled on a Shimano case - it is a little bigger than some of the ones mentioned and will hold Linhof mounted lenses and Lee Hood and filters. Will be able to pack three lenses, Lee Hood and rings, Lee 4x6 filters, and light meter with no problems. Seems as well made as the others I looked at with at least as much padding.