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21-Sep-2016, 06:57
I just "inherited" an Echo E 135mm f4.5 enlarging lens, poorly cared for. It has a lot of haze on the front element as far as I can tell by shining a flashlight obliquely through it from behind. I have tried Kodak lens cleaner and denatured alcohol as mentioned in other threads here. I can see no way to remove front and rear elements-the housing appears solid, and no serrated rings or slots for spanners. I think the lens is probably too "cheap" for a professional CLA. Any other haze removing suggestions other than 2000 grit wet-or-dry? Thanks

22-Sep-2016, 13:00
I would guess if the haze is on the outside of the lens element it is probably fine cleaning marks that you are stuck with. If on the inside, then the lens will have to be dismantled and cleaned. I have been looking at 135mm enlarging lenses on ebay just today and a good clean user can be had for $20 on up.

22-Sep-2016, 14:03
To be blunt, the lens is not worth what you didn't pay for it.
If you can disassemble it, try that. You have nothing to lose.

jose angel
23-Sep-2016, 01:22
Many times haze is very easy to clean, if it is just haze. Fungus is more difficult, but if it is still soft, you can polish it.
As you have noticed, the problem is to open the lens barrel. Some lenses are mounted with flat threaded rings, no slots or locking marks. The tool is a flat rubberized ring that actuate by simple friction. If the lens is old, a little corrosion or chemical formation will block the thing, making it really difficult to manipulate, specially without dedicated tools and skills.
If your lens belong to this type, you can repair it anyway. I`d first use a thin lubricant to freeing stuck parts (well, you must be handy, don`t immerse it!). Let it work for a couple days (it may be useful to apply the lubricant more than one time). Then try to unscrew it with a homemade rubber ring out of a e.g., a sheet of latex or a bike inner tube. To apply some force you can use a socket of the same size.
If the thing is still blocked, you can always drill (e.g., with a Dremel) a couple tiny holes on the locking ring, to unscrew it with the proper tool. It should work.

23-Sep-2016, 05:01
Thanks for the help. Some of the haze is inside, I think. I'll look closer. Are lenses ever made with no threads, assembled with adhesive?

jose angel
23-Sep-2016, 05:29
AFAIK, some lenses are assembled and locked by folding the rim. Usually very old brass ones.
Some "consumer" type AF ones have taped elements, in the cheapest way. Even top brand ones.
Never seen or heard about yours.