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20-Sep-2016, 04:25
rdenney removed my digitiler post in image sharing. He said "Tiled images do not meet our definition of LF, and please read the guidelines about marketing products" No private message to discuss this first.

I'm sorry he has no qualms about speaking for all of you about "Tiled images do not meet our definition of LF". But I'm happy that as a 55-year-old I'm being kicked out of the country club for wearing a flashy tie!

What choice do I have but to leave this forum? I am pushing the art and science of large format forward. I'm learning things, which I'm sharing, that can help everyone here with digital tools with your large format cameras. But why stay somewhere you're not wanted?

I mostly care about people who want to appreciate large format images, not those who define how they should be made.

Anyway, no problem for large format photographers who are interested in my work to find me. Sorry it didn't work out here. Good luck to you all who shoot the real definition of LF ;)

20-Sep-2016, 06:05
1. What choice do I have but to leave this forum?
2. I am pushing the art and science of large format forward.

1. You might be over reacting just a tad here.
2. I'm not pushing anything forward. I'm just having fun with old lenses.
(Maybe I'm pushing LF backwards?) :)

Kent in SD

20-Sep-2016, 06:21
What's the fuss? You can discuss the hardware in the Digital Hardware forum, discuss the processing in the Digital Processing forum, and share the images in the Everything Else forum. Why would you have to leave?

20-Sep-2016, 06:43
Moderators don't speak for "all of us"; they speak for the owners of the site, who make the final determination of what fits the definition of "large format" here.

I'm sure the moderator would be glad to discuss the removal with you, but to expect that discussion to take place prior to removal is unreasonable. Before you have that discussion, please note that this isn't a country club, you didn't get kicked out, and if your technique is the equivalent of a "flashy tie", I'm not sure you'll draw much interest here anyway.

Peter Lewin
20-Sep-2016, 06:53
It was not clear to me from your website what "digitiling" actually is. If it is taking a lot of images with a digital "35mm" type camera (hard to find the right words because there are so many formats up to FF) and stitching them together, that is simply not what this forum is about. If it is something else, it wasn't clearly explained. I'm actually feeling rather defensive about this site, because with the demise of ViewCamera magazine, this is the only remaining resource I know of dedicated to what I will loosely call call "view camera photography" (since the phrase "large format" leads to even more discussion). And given the amount of time the moderators recently spent on the subject of "politics and photography" I really think they deserve a rest, rather than another attack.

20-Sep-2016, 06:59
a bunch of files stuck together doesn't make it large format just because it makes a large file.

20-Sep-2016, 07:10
how about posting your images &c in one of the lounge anything-else threads?
there have been long and tedius discussions about what is and isn't large format over the years
and in the end it really doesn't matter much unless it is in one of the mainLF/non lounge forum threads
IDK in the past 3-4 years plenty of people have posted images in the safe haven&c threads, even minox, dslr 35mm, mf &c photographs if i remember right.
its just cause you posted it in the wrong area it was removed ..

Ken Lee
20-Sep-2016, 07:14
The forum has a specific definition of Large Format. It's not simply stitching files to make large images.

According to the rules here http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/faq.php?faq=vb_faq#faq_gen_rules_faq_item this forum defines Large Format as 4x5 inches or greater (sensor or film).

20-Sep-2016, 07:22
Hi Vinny: It's large format because I use large format cameras: Graflex, Cambo. The only difference between what I do, and anyone here, is using a DIY mechanism for stitching together images from a small sensor. I never equated large files with large format.

Hi jnanian: My point is I do NOT want to get into long and tedious discussions. My post should have been left alone. It was harming no one. If there was no interest it would have moved down the list quickly, no?

Hi djdister: Of course I don't have to leave. The question is, why should I stay?

Hi Two23: I'm happy you're just having fun with cameras. Should the day come when you take it very seriously then we can discuss "over-reacting" :)

Hi Peter: I'm sorry you're not more defensive about the evolution of large format photography, more than any given website or publication.

20-Sep-2016, 07:43
Hi djdister: Of course I don't have to leave. The question is, why should I stay?

No reason at all.

Andrew O'Neill
20-Sep-2016, 07:49
Yes, things have been getting a little strange around here recently.

Andrew O'Neill
20-Sep-2016, 09:30
We're not against anything new, as long as it fits the forum guide lines. :)

20-Sep-2016, 09:50
Voted 1 star. :cool:

20-Sep-2016, 09:53
On a forum I once participated on (heavily moderated...a whole different type of crowd than here), the stomping-of-feet, I-am-leaving posts were totally banned...an immediate delete. Who needs the negativity?

Sorry Michael, that the LFPF did not meet your expectations as a venue for you to share in. I would not suggest APUG, either, although its sister's site, DPUG would be a great match. And of course, if you have any questions, answers, or comments about view cameras that do not directly relate to small format digital (or film) capture, they will be welcomed here...and you can share your images in the "other" categories.

Multiple small format images taken via a LF camera is not a new idea. However, from your website it appears that you have done a great job of adapting it to small format digital capture and stitching. I have seen some well done bigger-than-bedsheet prints from stitched images (Gigapan?) and I can understand how creating them via a view camera would make it easier to maintain consistent perspective and have more the look of an LF image. Good luck!

20-Sep-2016, 10:14
Nobody said the technology didn't work, or that if couldn't produce art. As stated in my PM to the OP, it merely does not meet our definition of large format. OP: Please post images (not links to a commercial site) in the "everything else" image threads, where we allow images made using smaller formats.

Rick "thread closed" Denney