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Michael Graves
19-Sep-2016, 19:31
Have any of you ever seen a boxed edition of the Photo Lab Index. It's called the V-th Edition, and instead of being bound, it is in a cloth-covered box and the various articles are in tiny printed file folders, each article bound. I found it at an auction and it has me fascinated. I'll post a picture later on, but right now it's way past my bedtime.

Michael Graves
27-Sep-2016, 07:00
Finally got around to taking photographs of this. I've been having too much fun looking through the old formulas and stuff to do any real work.

155579 155580

27-Sep-2016, 19:16
The Photo Lab index looks like it would be a lot of fun to go through.
Good Times.

John Jarosz
4-Oct-2016, 16:25
There has to be a year of publication somewhere