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19-Sep-2016, 13:27
Hello all, I'm Phil Forrest. Been a member of RFF for quite a while now and I see a few names here that are also there. I'm a US Navy veteran. Spent 5 years as a "weather guesser" (Aerographer's Mate) and 3 years as an independent duty combat photographer (Photographer's Mate.) Been around the world 4 times and I want to continue travelling for as long as I'm ambulatory.
I'm a freelance photographer, tinkerer, bicycle mechanic, weather geek.
I've owned and used quite a few large format cameras, all press variants or homemade pieces I've cobbled together but just purchased my first 4x5 with real movements, a Nagaoka. It was this forum mostly that helped me make my decision. I'm looking forward to getting out and shooting with it and also looking forward to joining the discussion here. I've lurked for a while now and the wealth of knowledge is intense, thank you all!

Phil Forrest

19-Sep-2016, 15:23

John Kasaian
19-Sep-2016, 16:33
Arrrrrr! Yea be welcome aboard, matey!(It's International Talk Like A Pirate Day)