View Full Version : Mounting an Industar-37 with Packard shutter to a Szabad (3D printing)

19-Sep-2016, 10:07
Just wanted to post a quick thread on how I mounted an Industar-37 with Packard shutter to a Szabad 5x7 camera, with the help of 21th century technology: 3D printing!


Since I didn't want to sacrifice my only lens plate for this project, I also printed one of those. I made a 80mm hole to friction mount the lens to the board. It's very stable on the ABS plastic!

For the shutter, I made a short pipe with a plate on the end. The pipe goes over the lens, and the plate attaches to the felt backed shutter.



For now I've only got it attached with some zip ties, but I intend to get proper screws..

It's a very easy construction to design, and it's fairly cheap to print. I used the free software 123Design by Autodesk, and had the parts done by a guy on 3dhubs.com - which is like Uber for 3D printing!

Questions, comments, suggestions?

19-Sep-2016, 17:28
Very nice. How much?

19-Sep-2016, 22:10
~120SEK about US$15, so it's not a whole lot of money!

19-Sep-2016, 22:26
Indeed. Thank you.