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16-Sep-2016, 17:15
The Dallas Center for Photography is a local teaching facility that evolved out of a working commercial studio. Several years ago, the owner/photographer (DCP director Peter Poulides) started receiving calls asking him to help individuals from some of his commercial clients learn to use their new digital cameras.

Out of this new market emerged a teaching facility encompassing all aspects of digital photography from basic camera operation to advanced techniques and software.

Established as a place to learn photography, the DCP began getting calls for film and darkroom. Enough calls that DCP has invested in a large teaching darkroom, and I am happy and excited to say that I will be teaching the first classes in the new facility!

I will conduct the basic black and white darkroom film developing and printing beginning next month, and later (as things, uh, “develop”), more serious printing methods in “intermediate” darkroom and eventually one-on-one individual coaching in advanced printing.

The printing darkroom will have 10 enlargers, including two 4x5. Condenser and dichroic heads will be available for up to 6x9 negatives. A 4x10 foot sink with exhaust fans will be in the main printing area, along with 12 feet of sink in the second “dim room” for alt processes. There is a separate film loading room, along with the usual work areas and storage.

The darkroom is really two darkrooms, with another part of the lab set up primarily for “alternative” processes. Other instructors will be developing and teaching some alt processes, as I will stick with silver gelatin.

Film and the darkroom have not gone away, and DFW is soon going to have an exciting new venue to continue the craft.

Checkout the link below for the initial beginner classes. More to follow!


peter schrager
17-Sep-2016, 04:29
It called a resurgence folks...

bob carnie
17-Sep-2016, 06:11
Very Good David - These Photography teaching centers are now quite popular and important for people to learn new photographic ideas.

What is old is new again, we will always have people with a desire to make a wet print, just as we will want to learn how to take a picture with go pro.

21-Sep-2016, 07:10
These classes are now open for registration.

Thom Bennett
21-Sep-2016, 08:09
Very cool!

21-Sep-2016, 12:27
Just went you get out of it , they pull you back in....
good luck, hope it goes very well.