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14-Sep-2016, 13:46

I have recently dusted off my Horseman45FA , unused for 5 years after a foray into digital ( Canon 5D Mk2 ).

I have recently made a couple of images with the canon and yearned for the 5x4 Ilford Delta negative which would have been so so lovely.

So, I am back with a 25kg backpack with both the Canon and the 5x4 gear in it and cant wait to get back into a purer discipline.

I have learnt a lot using the Canon and have had the freedom to experiment .

I now photograph "light" and not "subjects " and it has taken a couple of thousand exposures to understand this , something I could not afford to do with LF.

Cant wait !


15-Sep-2016, 04:54
Welcome back to large format and film. I too have found digital photography a great learning tool, and a route back to film.

Leszek Vogt
9-Jan-2017, 19:42
Welcome to LF forum.


John Kasaian
10-Jan-2017, 17:47

11-Jan-2017, 05:57
Welcome to the forum from a bit further North !

Andrew O'Neill
11-Jan-2017, 14:35
Welcome, John!

12-Jan-2017, 23:23
25kg? Leave the Canon at home...that should get you down to about, err, 24kg? ;)


Just after posting I noticed this thread is from September last year...oho well...

13-Jan-2017, 04:04
Welcome John, its always nice to hear from you and looking forward to see your shots.