View Full Version : Wynn Bullock/Morley Baer Exhibit in San Francisco 9/8 to 10/30/16

Merg Ross
9-Sep-2016, 14:56
Two of the finest.


Drew Wiley
9-Sep-2016, 15:49
The Golden Age of Azo.

Kirk Gittings
10-Sep-2016, 10:35
Two of my favorites. Wish I could get there.

David Karp
10-Sep-2016, 11:16
It would be great to get up there. Thanks Merg!

Merg Ross
10-Sep-2016, 12:04
It would be great to get up there. Thanks Merg!

Most welcome, Dave. Also, the "new" San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is a five minute stroll from Scott's gallery. Excellent photography exhibits at both places.

Mark Sampson
10-Sep-2016, 15:27
I'd love to see this show. Too bad we can't get it to our nation's capital (or get me to the west coast).

12-Sep-2016, 15:48
Thank you Merg.

Merg Ross
19-Oct-2016, 07:45
Extended through November 12, 2016

Eric Biggerstaff
19-Oct-2016, 09:19
That will be a great one to see! Wish I was able to be there.

19-Oct-2016, 15:30
I knew it looked familiar and after checking through my 6x7 slides a few years back, without knowing it, I had shot the Sur Coast and Bixby Bridge very close to where Morley Baer shot his masterpiece:





The difference, besides the obvious, is that I used a wider lens and Baer's dodging and burning is an eye opener and instructive. It was on private property when I took my shot and I was afraid to go much further to the left to get a possibly better view of the bridge.