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9-Sep-2016, 12:20
My faithful CPA2 processor decided to malfunction. Essentially everything works except the water pump. I took out the housing and cleaned everything. The propeller spins freely. I suspect the pump motor probably burnt out. Does any body know whether we can get replacement parts and where.Does any body have service manual, so that I can check the circuit board. Barring any solution, I am thinking of installing an aquarium pump in the bottom of the well. It should work I hope/ Any body's input will be greatly appreciated.

9-Sep-2016, 13:39
Mine broke a few years ago.. or rather made so much noise in operation to become unusable. I gave up and used the aquarium pump, I would still someday like to find a better replacement, but barring finding official spare pump parts you may be out of luck.

9-Sep-2016, 14:06
Try Dave Smith http://darkroomdoctor.com/Home_Page.php

Dave helped me some years back fix a Autolab. Great guy...he will know where to get parts if he does not have it.

Joshua Dunn
11-Sep-2016, 07:16
Try CatLABS of JP. I have not had anything repaired by them but I have bought a few replacement parts from him. Good guy to deal with.



jose angel
12-Sep-2016, 02:59
I a also use the aquarium pump. Simple, reliable and cheap.

12-Sep-2016, 09:36
+1 on CatLABS. They stock the replacement pumps which cost $161 IIRC. As far as a noisy pump, I found that over time the propeller shaft has a tendency to work itself free from the motor and turns in an arc which apparently results it hitting on something and causing the noise you hear. Eventually it will work itself free to the extent that it wont draw water up. Following Omar's instructions, I removed the housing and propeller and sprayed some WD40 into the pump's motor housing and reinstalled the propeller fully into the housing. It now runs like new.


12-Sep-2016, 14:49
Thanks to all. I contacted Catlabs. They do have the pump 161.00 I will order from them. Before I do that I am going to takethe pump out and wire it directly and see if it works. If it works, may be the problem is the circuit board. I am trying to find the service manual for this to look at circuit diagram. Will see how it goes.
Thanks again.