View Full Version : DeVere 5108 - Do they make a condenser head unit for this model?

8-Sep-2016, 16:06
I have a DeVere 5108 with a color head. Looking over the manual and over the internet, I haven't seen anyone really mention whether or not there was a condenser head ever made for this enlarger. I was, however, looking at this page: http://www.deveresecondhanddarkroom.com/16-de-vere-5108-fs-photographic-enlarger.html - it mentions that there is a condenser head unit for it (Tungsten with filter drawers) Just wanted to confirm if this is a possibility or not? Would it be called along the lines of a Varicon Condenser 5108?


Peter De Smidt
8-Sep-2016, 16:51
I've never seen one, but it looks like the site specialized in De Vere. You'd think that they would now. Email them (or call) and ask.

15-Sep-2016, 05:31
You could also try asking here....


Good luck.

15-Sep-2016, 06:31
You can also e-mail these guys: http://www.khbphotografix.com/devere/