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6-Sep-2016, 17:56
Greetings from Massachusetts.

I started taking pictures in 1995. I started *making* pictures in 1997~8.
I started darkroom printing in 2002.

I mostly photograph nature and events.
I spend a lot of time on Cape Cod.

I have been wishing I could dive into LF since 2004.
And now in 2016 I have recently been given a 4x5 outfit.
And I intend to go in head first.

Michael Clark
6-Sep-2016, 18:08
Welcome to large format DS.

6-Sep-2016, 18:34
Welcome from a former MA resident! I didn't get into LF until I moved out of MA (boo hiss :( ) You've got great places to shoot up there!

6-Sep-2016, 19:06
Sink or swim!

Kent in SD

David Schaller
6-Sep-2016, 20:04
Welcome. I'm at the other end of the Bay State. Wish I were at the Cape this week!

7-Sep-2016, 17:14
Welcome. There are quite a few of us here in MA.

Mark Sampson
7-Sep-2016, 17:57
Welcome aboard! You're in a photogenic part of the world, and if you have questions about LF photography, this is the place to find answers.

Robert Brazile
8-Sep-2016, 15:44
Good luck with it. There are a few of us around here...


8-Sep-2016, 19:35
Congrats. You won't regret it!

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9-Sep-2016, 15:45
I loaded a Graphmatic full of Fomapan 200. I am not that familiar w/ this particular stock. Only ever used couple rolls of it in 120.
I made some mistakes loading the graphmatic.
I decided to have some fun anyway, maybe some are ok.
The shutter is in need of a CLA.
I hedged my bets and exposed 4 sheets... and destroyed one with a graphmatic mistake and with a shutter T error.

But I find learning-by-doing very fun.

Peter Collins
9-Sep-2016, 16:17
Another voice of welcome!