View Full Version : ColorChecker Passport Color Grading Alternatives (Linear TIFF)

4-Sep-2016, 01:30
I've been having a hard time color grading with the ColorChecker Passport post DNG conversion.

It would seem you can do Color Grading with ColorChecker while in DNG format straight from the Digital Camera. However, after Adobe Camera Raw conversion into Adobe Photoshop format, it's impossible thereafter to color grade.

Can anyone recommend any Profiling Tool that will Color Grade a ColorChecker Passport (similar to the Macbeth Color Chart) of a Linear TIFF?

Although I can convert a TIFF back to a DNG, the conversion process in Camera Raw forbids selecting a Camera Profile other than the dreaded 'Embedded'. If anyone knows a workaround for this, please advise.

Otherwise, this is exactly what I am looking for, except HDR Pro is no longer in business:


Otherwise, I've been searching all over for something that can essentially do what HDR Pro was able to do with the Macbeth Color Chart.

Peter De Smidt
4-Sep-2016, 05:51
Why aren't you using it during raw conversion? That's what it's designed for, i.e making DNG profiles. If you need icc profiles, you can use Hasselblad's free phocus software: http://www.hasselblad.com/software/phocus.

In my experience, the x-rite software makes very contrasty profiles that push red. I prefer Adobe's profile maker. See: https://www.hansvaneijsden.com/colorchecker-perfect-skin-colors/

5-Sep-2016, 14:13
Or you could just use the Advanced Skin Color correction in Capture One, if it's needed at all, and be done with it. Plus, if you do need to the the C1 corrections, they can be saved out to a new ICC input profile with those corrections baked in. None of this screwing around with a pseudo open dng "standard" that only adds extra steps to your process. And at the same time, you'll be getting a noticeably superior raw conversion with better colors overall, with a LOT less effort.