View Full Version : Canon IPF9100 LFP prints missalligned and with shadows

29-Aug-2016, 16:03
Hello everyone,

My Canon IPF9100 is printing with a grey show on fine lines and text in the direction that the paper feeds.

As the printer does passes, i notice that the first one of two bands tend to be fine, but on the final bands, the shadow appears.

I have attached an image of what i mean:


I have replaced the Left printhead multiple times, I have performed every calibration in regular and service mode.

Some of the calibraitons are failing. LF tuning fails, advanced banding calibrastion fails, printhead adjustment fails.

It's like the feed or eccentricity of the rolls is not lined up properly and on the later passes of each band it feeds the paper too much by a fraction of a millimetre.

Both printheads in the machine are like new.

Does anyone have any idea as to what coould be causing these issues?


30-Aug-2016, 05:25
I don't know about the cause or the architecture of this printer. From your message, it seems that this printer uses multiple heads, and the results you've been getting could point to them being horribly out of alignment - but to an extent that seems beyond the range of any automatic calibration routine to fix. I doubt it's a paper feed problem, as it doesn't explain the ghosting (it would result in warped images and text, e.g. longitudinally elongated). The ghosting suggests misalignment between individual nozzles, or, if multiple heads are present, the heads.

Does this occur with all colors, or only black?

Furthermore, you state that you have replaced one of the heads multiple times. Did you replace it with new specimens, or did you reinstall the same head several times? Is this also the head that handles all black printing, or do both heads print black (perhaps different shades)?