View Full Version : Canon IPF8000 LFP printing with faint grey lines

29-Aug-2016, 16:01
Hello everyone,

My Canon ipf8000 is printing with faint grey lines across the width of every print.

I've attached an image here of what i mean:


I have replaced the Left Printhead (contains black and greys) mutliple times. I have also replaced the Flexible Cable Assembly and the Printhead Relay PCB.

I have also ordered a Carriage Relay PCB and a Linear Scale.

I have done every calibration possible, and these lines just appear on all print.

I thought it might be a head crashing issue, but head height is set to Highest and paper vacuum strangth is set to strongest.

I have also cleans the carriage and the underside of the printheads.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Many Thanks