View Full Version : New York Central Art Closes Sept 2 After 111 Years in Business

Pete Roody
29-Aug-2016, 14:42
If you live in NYC or the surrounding area you are probably familiar with New York Central Art. They had a very large supply of papers including papers for alternative processes.


29-Aug-2016, 16:05

From Artnet.com (https://news.artnet.com/art-world/oldest-art-supply-store-closes-623801)

“Retail operations have been losing money for several years in a row now, and our family has been forking up the money to keep it open,” Doug Steinberg, who inherited the business from his late father and aunt, told artnet News over the phone. “But even if the property wasn’t sold, there was a very high likelihood that it would have closed between now and the end of the year anyway. It was a perfect storm of bad things happening.”

...Steinberg recalled growing up during a time in New York when “every neighborhood had its own art supply store.” Now, as one of the remaining independently-owned shops, Steinberg admits that larger chains and internet sales have driven down business.