View Full Version : New Flickr Group for 8x10 and larger

29-Aug-2016, 07:22
because I do not have enough drama in my life already *eyeroll*, I decided to start a flickr group for shooters of 8x10 and up


join - post stuff - look - or ignore this

just a FYI

Andrew O'Neill
29-Aug-2016, 08:57
I joined. Good thing I'm over 18.

29-Aug-2016, 09:27
I joined. Good thing I'm over 18.

I believe you have to be a member and over 18 to see the 'moderate' setting stuff...or at least say you are and check that box on your flickr profile

I keep my link bookmarked on a second browser so I can check what shows up to casual viewers as a non member

- flicker is weird in that it's kinda hard to see what is and isn't available where unless you do that

karl french
29-Aug-2016, 09:30
There is also the "Size matters" group. Which is meant to be for 5x7 and larger. Started by Ben Rains.

29-Aug-2016, 09:52
oh..I gotta join that for my 5x7s

29-Aug-2016, 12:52
There's this one for 8x10 as well: https://www.flickr.com/groups/8by10/

29-Aug-2016, 13:36
alrght..so I didn't do a lot of research