View Full Version : Availability of Ektascan BR/A xray film in Europe

23-Aug-2016, 14:21
An update that may be of interest to those of us in the EU (even if not for long ...)

It seems that Z&Z Medical (zzmedical.com) now offer international shipping via GlobalShopEx.com (I know, it sounds like a front for an evil Bond-villain!)

I just priced up a box of 8x10 B/RA to the UK, including shipping and taxes/import duties, and it comes in at ~112GBP for 100 sheets.

Though this isn't anywhere near as cheap as our US cousines can get it, it's still a pretty good price.

(The cheapest "real" film I can get is Foma 100, currently running at ~240GBP for 100 sheets from fomafoto.com)

If Sterling was stronger against the US Dollar, it would probably dip below the 100GBP mark (yeah, thanks 52%ers :mad:)

Oren Grad
23-Aug-2016, 14:39
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26-Aug-2016, 04:42
Well, that's a hopeful development. Still a little disappointing in terms of economics though. Having one box of 8x10" BR/A shipped to The Netherlands with duties paid costs me about € 175 (close to $200 or 150GBP); the actual box of film costs $80. Indeed, 100 sheets of Fomapan 100 or 200 would cost about € 285 resp. € 325 delivered to my doorstep. Generic x-ray film costs me about € 60 per 100 sheets purchased through ebay and delivered to my house. If I hadn't just purchased a few boxes of generic x-ray film recently, I might have considered it. But a total of about $120 or a markup of 150% (!!) in shipping costs, taxes and duties still doesn't quite feel right.

26-Aug-2016, 12:44
Generic x-ray film costs me about 60 per 100 sheets purchased through eba

I've never found anything that cheap, even in ordinary twin-coated xray film

care to shoot me a PM with a link to the listing? (you're not allowed to put in live ebay links in posts :rolleyes:)

26-Aug-2016, 14:33
If no direct link to an item is allowed, then at least I can say that I bought mine from a seller who goes by the name 'baronoutlet'. Last time I ordered, a few months ago, I paid about 70 for two 100-sheet boxes excl. shipping, handling and customs, so 35 per box. I just checked and he still seems to offer the same product. It's double sided, 8x10", rounded corners, has a subtle batch code printed on the long side of each sheet (not very obtrusive so not an issue IMO), it's green-sensitive and effectively something like ISO 80, so really bog-standard x-ray film. I also tried the blue-sensitive film from the same brand and it works just fine, but I prefer the green stuff. They cost the same.

Edit: just checked and I paid $137 including shipping, handling and taxes, so indeed a little over 60 per box with all costs included. To my surprise, my memory still sort of works as far as irrelevant details go.